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2. What is RAPS Switzerland Chapter?

The RAPS Switzerland Chapter conducts a number of professional development and networking activities throughout the year to help members connect, build relationships and increase knowledge, competence and performance. RAPS is a volunteer-driven organization, and we’ve found that the more we put into it, the more we get back. There are a number of volunteer opportunities available at the chapter and national levels, and we are happy to help you identify something that meets your interests and serves your personal growth needs.

The Switzerland Chapter of RAPS is a legal association in Swizerland. The association pursues the following goal: to develop and maintain a competent professional framework in international regulatory affairs and stimulating good practices and regulatory policies to advance public health through: the organization of education and engagement opportunities local and accessible; the representation in Switzerland of RAPS by being in direct contact with individual members, clients and other interested parties wherever they live and work; identifying local and regional needs and sharing this information with the RAPS network; contributing to RAPS's annual planning process, enabling it to develop local, national and international solutions for the profession; creating an entry point for strategic relationships with industry partners, agencies and organizations.

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